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Your Questions Answered

How do I reserve the bus?

Return the signed quote or contract to our office via mail, fax or email

When is the deposit due?

Within 7 days of confirming with signed contract.

When is my final payment due?

Two weeks prior to trip departure date.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, Master Card or Visa. Unless you have an approved account already set up with Anchor we cannot accept checks inside 2 weeks of your trip. Discuss with your Charter Sales Representative for details.

What if I don’t get enough people to go on the trip?

Trips are not priced on a per person basis so the rate remains the same. If you need to cancel please refer to the Terms & Conditions sent with your Quote or Contract.

What is the age range of your coaches?

1999 -2011

Does the bus have a restroom?

47 & 55 passenger motorcoaches have a restroom. 25 passenger mini-buses do not have a restroom.

What amenities do the buses have?

Plush, reclining seats Restroom Over-head carry-on luggage storage area Large cargo bay under bus PA System DVD/CD Player with 6 monitors (1 large monitor in mini-buses) Upon request & with limited availability: Wi-Fi, Satellite & electrical plug-ins.

Does everyone have to watch the same thing on the DVD Player?

Yes, everyone watches the same movie and we are not able to add additional component (gaming systems).

How many monitors are on the buses?

Our full size motorcoaches have five or six monitors throughout the coach. Out mini buses offer one large screen at the front.

Can we paint or have a sign on the side of the bus?

Only Small Signage (8 x 10 Sheet Size) is only allowed to placed on the front windshield or on the door of the bus. Nothing can be painted or adhered to the sides of the bus.

Why don’t you have seat belts?

Unlike cars, seat belts are not required by DOT for motorcoaches. Certain mini buses currently offer seat belts.

Can you put car seats in the bus?

Yes, but there are no seatbelts to secure the car seat.

What happens if we break down?

We have established procedures in place in the rare event of a breakdown. Driver will be in contact with our 24 hr dispatcher dept & they will determine what measures need to be taken on a case by case basis. Your safety and making every possible attempt to keep you on schedule is our ultimate goal.

Can we put more than 55 passengers on a bus?

By law & for your safety, we can only allow the number of passengers that there are seats in the bus. The driver has a separate seat and is not included in the passenger count.

Do you have VHS or DVD on the bus?

DVD/CD player

How many seats are on the bus?

We offer 55 & 47 passenger motorcoaches and 25, 20 & 18 passenger mini-buses.

How much should I tip?

Driver gratuity can range anywhere from $1-2 per person, per day to 10-20% of the charter cost. While drivers greatly appreciate any gratuity it is optional & not mandatory.

Do we have to provide hotel and meals for driver during overnight stays?

You are required to provide the driver hotel room but not meals. Tip: Most group friendly restaurants will offer the driver & group leader a complimentary meal. Make sure to ask when you make your meal reservations. Your driver will greatly appreciate you including him/her but is not required.

Can drivers share a hotel room?

No, each driver must be in his own room to ensure that our operators can get the rest they need to be safe and alert.

We are staying at a camp or lodge with group sleeping accommodations. Can the driver just stay with us?

Each driver must have their own private room/bath. Please consult with your Charter Sales Representative to see if your camp/lodge meets the sleeping room requirements for driver.

Can I request a driver?

Requests are welcomed & while we make every attempt to honor the request we cannot guarantee a specific driver.

Do you drug test or do background checks on your drivers?

Yes, we have drug and alcohol testing in accordance with the FMCSA laws and run background checks on each driver at pre-employment and annually.

How long can a driver drive in one day?

We strictly adhere to the laws out forth by the Dept of Transportation, Part 395 as follows: Drivers can only be on duty a total of 15 hours any day with a maximum of 10 hours driving. After a driver has met the hours limit, he/she must have a minimum of 8 consecutive hours off duty. It is only when the driver has had a minimum of 8 consecutive hours off duty when our operator can resume back to 15 hours of service. Your itinerary can go over the hours of service however; a relief driver (at an additional cost) will be added to the cost of the trip. Our trained, experienced Charter Sales Representatives will be happy to assist you with your itinerary to ensure you don’t go over the limit of driver hours or cost in a relief driver for you.

What is a relief driver

To reach certain destinations without stopping or to be able to provide service on long days (greater than 15 hours), it is necessary to provide a relief driver. There are several different ways a relief driver may be used: A relief driver could be used at the start your trip by driving the bus to a preplanned point along the route where the bus will meet the 2nd driver. The 2nd driver has previously gone ahead of the group and gotten the necessary time off to restart his 15 hour day. When the 2nd driver take over, he can complete his portion of the trip to the final destination within the hours of service laws. A relief driver could be used at the end your trip by meeting the bus to a preplanned point along the route where the relief driver will take over as the main driver. The 2nd driver has previously gone ahead of the group and gotten the necessary time off to restart his 15 hour day. When the 2nd driver take over, he can safely return you to your group home within the hours of service. A relief driver could be used if your group will be at a theme park or meeting and the driver can’t leave to get 8 hours off before your return home. A driver exchange will take place during the event, where you may have one driver take you to the destination and a different driver return your group home.

Can you put two drivers on a bus?

Yes, however it is generally not the “cheapest” or most efficient way as both drivers still can not be on duty more than 15 hours in a day, even if the other driver is not driving. The majority of the time, we choose to send the 2nd driver (the driver with you on the duration of the trip) ahead of the group and let the driver take over as driver on your trip where he can complete his portion within the hours of service laws.

How long have you been in business?

Anchor Transportation was started in 1989 in Murfreesboro, TN by John Stancil.

What happened in case of bad weather or if were expected to have bad weather?

Before you trip — Often we are able to reschedule the trip if it is unsafe to travel. If severe inclement weather is forecast for your travel dates please contact your Charter Sales Representative to inquiry and/or make alternate arrangements.During your trip — We travel in all types of weather conditions and should you encounter bad weather during your trip, you trip may be delayed en route based on driver discretion. We will always put our passenger’s safety first.

What is your after hours number?

For groups on a trip please call 615-860-6800 or 1-800-476-2841 & listen to the prompt to be connected to the dispatcher on call. Dispatch is on call 24/7/365. If you want a quote please call during business hours Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm central time or you may submit a quote request online.

Who is your insurance provider?

National Interstate Insurance Company. Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with a Certificate of Insurance.

What is your DOT number?

USDOT 206347, ICC MC-159661

Can we have snacks, coolers, etc. on the bus?

Sure! We only ask that you clean up after yourselves & dispose of all trash in the trash bags we provide. We also ask that you use only plastic bottles with screw tops for beverages & coolers cannot block the isle.

Why do you need to know so much information to just give me a quote?

Rates vary from peak to off-season months. We also need to know how many days you plan to travel & run the mileage to figure your rate. Please have the following information when requesting a quote: Departure & return date & time, your destination & any stops in-between. A tentative itinerary is most helpful in supplying you with an accurate quote.

Can we have alcohol on the bus?

Yes, however there is a $100 non-refundable alcohol fee.

What time can we leave? Do we pick the time?

All trips are private charter for your specific group. You determine the times & we will be happy to make suggestions to keep your cost as low as possible.

Where can the bus pick up? Do we pick the place?

Chartering party is responsible for selecting & securing the pick-up & drop-off locations.